Maximalist Décor

Maximalist Décor

Most of us are familiar with the minimalist and sleek ‘scandi’ interior design trend, but how many of you are aware of the maximalist trend? It’s no real surprise that maximalist decor is all about bold patterns and colour selections. 

To sum up maximalist décor in one word, we’d use ‘drama’. Think crazy colour combinations and multiple patterns. Maximalist interior design is about being brave and throwing out the rulebook. You no longer have to stick to one colour palette or one style of pattern. Be daring and mix and match like never before. 

To embrace maximalist style you should focus on the colours and patterns you love and go with your heart. Embracing a maximalist design and introducing it into your home is a great way to showcase your personality and individuality. As there is no real right or wrong, it is purely about exhibiting all the colours, textures and designs that make you happy. 

Including pattern into your home décor can be daunting, you may not know where to start, but the good news is, maximalist interior design is all about more is more! If you love two patterns, even better, throw them together and create a truly unique look. 

If you’re not sure how to begin to introduce maximalist décor to your home, think about minimalist design and go the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Whilst minimalist design is cool, calm, and collected; often using a muted colour palette and avoiding patterns -  maximalist interior design welcomes vivid colour choices with various patterns and textures. 

You may not think you are a maximalist, but there is a maximalist in all of us, we just need to let them out. Pick a room in your home to try out this interior design trend and see how you get on. You can start by just painting one room a bolder colour, and then start to introduce patterns via the textiles in the room. We’re positive that once you start to adopt this design trend, you won’t want to stop, and soon will have a stunning, vibrant, and happy home! 

Main photo by Steph Wilson.

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